The most popular democracy in the world and the second most populated country, India, is officially known as the Republic of India. It is one of the fastest growing economies and has the 2nd largest military in the world. Apart from all of this, India is the 2nd largest higher education center. You not only […]

With the world’s highest population, China is also one of the world’s fastest growing economy. China, officially known as People’s Republic Of China, has been portrayed as a powerful nation because of its population, economy and military. Well we all know China is a pretty impressive country, then why not go there and study? To […]

In today’s world what makes you successful is, NETWORKING. You have to start building connections from your college life itself. If you are planning to go to UK for your MBA, then you have ample opportunities to make connections in the global market. As universities in the UK have a great exposure to international markets. […]

Why would you search for universities in Japan? Why would you want to go there to study? Every question has an answer, and this article is going to answer all of your questions related to universities in Japan for international students, whether graduates or undergraduates. Quoting a Japanese saying, it is rightly said “Better than […]

“Distance education has always been there; it has just got evolved with time. E-learning is a new dimension of distance education. Ekalavya could be termed as the first distance learner. The difference between E-learning and distance education is that the former has built informal recognition that the latter may or may not have. A fine […]

National Institute of Technology (NIT) or as they were previously called Regional Engineering Colleges (RECs) are the next best public colleges in India for engineering. There are a total of 31 NITs in India dispersed all over the country. With good faculty, well-suited infrastructure and good placements, NITs are always in high demand. Plus, the […]