“Distance education has always been there; it has just got evolved with time. E-learning is a new dimension of distance education. Ekalavya could be termed as the first distance learner. The difference between E-learning and distance education is that the former has built informal recognition that the latter may or may not have. A fine […]

Are you among those people who consider soft skills as just extras? Those “good-to-have” but don’t seem to have any serious effect on the financial decision. Then you are Wrong! When you refer to the skill sets required for employment, then the special emphasis is given to abilities, training, and knowledge of specific skills. These […]

Did you know that distance learning can help learners to increase their work status, get promotions, and retain their current employment? Are you aware that an increasing number of universities are offering several areas of distance learning every year? Do you know that most of the distant learners tend to be highly motivated and self-disciplined? […]

Did you know that distance learning has been around since the 1800s? Do you know Sir Isaac Pitman? The idea of distance learning was pioneered by him. In the early stages distance education was conducted via correspondence where there was very little interaction between the learner and their mentor? Did you know there are around […]