Best courses in India for NRI students

What career to pursue after 12th grade is a million dollar question all students face. With umpteen number of career options and each of them requiring a totally different skill set, the decision is often very difficult. Students are always advised to take that course that interests them the most, but this is not always helpful. So for all the high school graduates out there, or for someone who is looking for a change in their career paths, here is a list of top 5 high paying courses in India.


The God of all courses and quite frankly the most sought after one, engineering needs no introduction. From Computer Science to Electrical to Civil and Mechanical to even Biotechnology, engineering has several branches. The four year B.Tech course or the 2 year M.Tech course makes you a well rounded, technologically equipped and skillful person ready to solve problems in the given industry. The curriculum is quite vigorous and may need you to burn the midnight oil seldomly but the later benefits are all worth the hard labour. Placements are extremely good with some big MNCs and several small scale companies coming for recruitment coming from the end of the third year of your college itself (end of first year if you are doing M.Tech). The pre- requisites are just a minimum of 60% aggregate in your senior secondary school and a minimum of 60% in your B.Tech degree if you are interested in pursuing M.Tech. You have to take the SAT II exam for most colleges.The Indian embassy also provides scholarships to merit students to study in colleges in India.The salaries after placements are quite lucrative and can range anywhere between 3 lpa to 15 lpa based on your stream and the degree you are pursuing.


For all the Human biology and anatomy enthusiasts out there, this is your career option and as often labelled the most “noble” career choice. MBBS degree needs a lot of devotion and dedication, so opt this course only if this stream excites and inspires you immensely. The career path is quite long with 5 years of MBBS and then 3 years of MD as well because you don’t get a nice job just with an MBBS degree. Based on your department in MD, you may have to further pursue a super specialization degree after this as well which will again take close to 3 years. So as a whole it’s a decade of studying constantly. The exams that you need to take are NEET and may be some private colleges’ entrance tests as well in the NRI quota. In the NEET exam, international students are not eligible for seats in government run colleges. Private colleges have no such restriction. The best part of being a doctor is that you can be self employed. Doctors in hospitals are also paid extremely well based on their specialization level and experience.


Management has become the rush of the hour recently due to its high paying job scale. Hotel management, event management, brand management, or business administration with specializations in finance, marketing, HR etc are in trend now. You can pursue a bachelor’s degree like BBA which is a three year course or a master’s degree (MBA), which is a two year course. The studies are relatively less difficult. Admission into these colleges is again through the NRI quota and every college has separate criteria so it’s best to check each college’s website separately. Average salary packages after BBA is 2.5-3.5 lpa and after MBA it is a whooping 15-18 lpa. Some of the top management colleges in India are the IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta being the top ones), IIM Indore (it has a dual BBA and MBA degree), Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Department of Business Economics in Delhi University.


With several new career options coming on to the surface, designing sure is one of them. Fashion designing, interior designing, landscape designing, jewellery designing, apparel designing have all gained momentum in the last decade or so. The demand is high for such jobs and with a relatively lower supply of skilled professionals at this front, the salary packages tend to get quite attractive. The courses are college specific and thus there is no common entrance test that is applicable for colleges nationwide. You have to check the websites of the colleges individually to know about the admission criteria. Some of the best institutes to get certified for designing are National Institute of Fashion Technology, Vogue Institute of fashion Technology, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing at IISC, Sristi School of Design, Symbiosis Institute of Design and Pearl Academy.

There is no hard and fast rule that these courses are only the ones that you should study in order to become “successful” or “earn a lot”. The passion and interests that you have towards a field are what which should decide what you want to pursue. With several other career options opening these days, you can even try them out but if you are clueless then considering these options will most definitely help you out to get started.

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