Great Career Options in India for Students with ADD/ADHD


Your adult ADHD may actually contribute to your future success. Sounds odd?
Well, it shouldn’t. Most of the greatest achievements made by humanity have been contributions made by people who didn’t fit the idea of what was “normal.”
Surprisingly there are plenty of jobs for people with ADHD. Because having ADHD is a sign that you possess valuable traits i.e. you have the natural talent and personality characteristics which employers seek in their potential new hires.
So, how do you determine what are your natural talents and what are the areas that you excel in? You can begin by answering these questions:
What do you do well?
What would you like to get better at?
What do people who are close to you say your strengths are?
What is your proudest work-related achievement?
What areas have you already improved in?
What areas do you feel like you are not able to improve in, no matter how hard you try?
What do you dislike or find boring?
Answering these questions will help you understand what type of worker are you and what kind of workplace will suit you.
Choosing a career that makes the most of your strengths and doesn’t rely on your weakness will be the key to professional success with ADHD.
There are several job traits that prove to be strengths of adults with ADHD:
Fast pace
Hands-on and creative
Some careers would require one of these qualities, but many could offer several qualities in the same job, creating a greater likelihood of success.
1. Interest
Many people with ADHD are usually motivated by interest and urgency. Hence jobs, where you’re passionate about the subject matter, will give you the required motivation and focus that will help you succeed. This can be any field that you have a keen interest in — the sky’s the limit. The key here is interest. Having a passion for what you do is extremely important here.
2. Urgency
As we know many people with ADHD are motivated by urgency, jobs that have an inherent sense of urgency to help and overcome some ADHD weaknesses. According to a research people with ADHD tend to work well in a fast-paced, high-intensity environment, like that of an emergency room or ambulance, careers, where a life is on the line, provides the ultimate sense of urgency. Jobs in this area include nurse, trauma doctor/surgeon, EMT, and firefighter.
3. Structure
While some adults with ADHD choose jobs that are driven by urgency, others prefer jobs that are highly structured. People with ADHD thrive in environments where they have clear instructions and directives. A structured job is where there are a specific workflow and clearly defined tasks. There’s no grey area and there arises no question of expectations. Jobs like this can exist in every industry, some options are data processing, factory assembly line, and quality control.
4. Fast pace
It’s no secret that thoughts are constant and moving at a very fast for most people with ADHD. Using this attribute can mean success on the job. Many adults with ADHD report that they find pleasure in constant change. They love to be in an environment that is stimulating, and one in which they have to adapt and analyze. Jobs in this area include trauma doctor or nurse, housekeeper, publishing, teacher, sales, and sports coach.
5. Hands-on and creative
Hands-on jobs are great for those who are restless or easily bored with a desk job. They use creativity and problem-solving skills — the areas where people with ADHD usually excel in. Research suggests that people with ADHD reach higher levels of creative thought and accomplishment. The racing ideas in the minds of people with ADHD can contribute to creative thinking. Jobs in this area include musician, artist, dancer, entertainer, inventor, teacher, construction, mechanic, graphic designer, and interior designer.
6. Entrepreneurial
Not only does an entrepreneur start their own business, but they are willing to take risks and think innovatively. These are two skills that are inherited by many people with ADHD. It must be a field that they are passionate about though, as running a business also requires skills where people with ADHD struggle, such as planning, organization, and self-motivation. Successful entrepreneurs with ADHD include Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group; David Neeleman, founder of JetBlue Airways; Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinkos; and Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA.
Are you feeling inspired to go after a career that you will love?
Keep in mind adults with ADHD do well in careers that offer creativity, independence, and variety however careers that may be tough for adults with ADHD are those jobs which require rigid schedules and tight deadlines, as well as those which are very detail-oriented.
Remember you can succeed in any career as long as it interests you and it falls in line with your strengths.

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