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Courses after 12th Arts

A career in arts is both fun and rewarding. You get to work for big MNCs, or government sector or you can be your own boss as well. With mass media, visual communication, hotel management, film studies, fashion designing, music, dance, the opportunities are just endless. All these courses take up to 2 years of study and post that you have the freedom to work wherever you want, quite literally! If you are a student who’s lost in the great pool of career choices, here are a few courses in India that you should consider-

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Students who study political science become state legislators, public affairs analysts, corporate advisors, or even politicians later in life. If you are really interested in the judiciary and legislature of the country this career is for you. You can make an impact on how the country is governed and help the policymakers take the right decisions. The main subjects you would be studying are Civics, Indian Constitution, Current Affairs, Policy Management, etc. The course duration is 3 years long and you can even do your master’s in this field for better opportunities.

Bachelors of Fine Arts

If you are someone who appreciates art, enjoys drawing, music, performing arts like dance or yoga this course is what you should think about. Art enthusiasts can become art educators, open their art gallery or work for advertising or textile industry. Performing arts enthusiasts can become choreographers, musicians, singers, recording artists, masseuse, etc. Subjects you study will depend on the type of branch that you choose but will include some form of creative writing and design. You may also study pottery, sketching, introduction to music etc. If you are interested in animation, designing, or anything creative in general, you should strongly consider pursuing a degree in BA.

Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Journalism

Journalism is a current hot topic as it has branched out into several domains like sports journalism, photojournalism, multimedia etc. There are opportunities for you to work as a freelancer as well. The job is exciting and adventurous for sure. The subjects you learn are mass media, editing technology, communication skills, recording and reporting etc. If you really like to be vocal and enjoy reading about the current affairs, you should definitely give this a shot. Job roles that you could be doing are as an editor, reporter, critic etc.

Bachelors of Physical Education

If you enjoy sports and games to your heart’s core then a career in physical fitness education may work wonders for you. You can be a gym trainer, coach, referee or a sports teacher at school or college. You will be required to motivate and discipline others while pushing them to their highest potential. Subjects you study would be sports psychology, history of different games, playing techniques, first aid and CPR etc. There are no deadlines to meet or over stressful days at work, so you should consider this course as a potential career choice.

Bachelors in Law

If you aspire to be a lawyer then this is what you have to study. A criminal lawyer, civil lawyer, corporate lawyer or a domestic lawyer, everyone has to study BA and LLB. You can later work as an advocate, public prosecutor, notary, law reporter, solicitor, district judge, legal advisor, or a court magistrate depending on your interests and qualifications. Be prepared to study a lot as the course is quite intensive. The subjects you will study will be about tax law, international laws, trade laws, patent law, environmental law, property law, human rights law, business law, criminology, forensics etc. Post your BA LLB degree, you will be eligible to work for the Indian Legal Services. Areas you can work in are endless like courts, revenue departments, banks, news channels, excise department, or even defence.

Bachelor of Arts in Travel and Tourism

This job is for all the travel enthusiasts who like to see the beauty of the world from every corner of it. This job has several lucrative benefits and is quite popular these days. You get to work in a myriad range of areas like airports, railway, tourism companies, hotels, travel agencies etc. Subjects you will study would be travel management, domestic and international travel, international cuisine, business statistics, history of tourism, humanities subjects and many more. The scope of this field is pretty good nowadays because tourism has become the hub of the economy now. Job roles that you might work in our immigration consultant, reservations executive, cabin crew in airlines, etc. The fees for Nepalese students are between 50,000 to 2 lakhs per year depending on the course and duration. Some top colleges to consider are Ethiraj College in Chennai, Baithul Izza Arts College in Kozhikode, Harivansh Rai Bachchan Mahavidyalaya in Unnao and Aquinas College in Cochin.
A career in arts may not be a professional subject – one that prompts a particular vocation – yet this doesn’t mean you can’t make a successful career in it. Whether you have a keen eye for the good art form, have great communication skills, have a high aptitude as well as logical skills, a career in this field demands it all. You will be amazed at how much you will learn and explore. The doors are many, so why wait? Hustle hard and achieve your dreams!

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