Why Diploma Is a Good Option after Your 10th

Diploma after 10th

The golden question, which field would you choose after completing your high school? – A Diploma in their subject of your choice, or complete Junior College and directly go in for a Degree.

Well if you are very sure about what you want to do in the future, and by sure, I mean 100% sure, then going for a Diploma should be a good option for you. Why? Because you will directly enter your field of choice after completing school, you will get more industry experience via internships, as well as in-depth knowledge in the field you have chosen to be a part of.
In this article, there is a list of some of the top Diploma courses available after your 10th.
Thoroughly understand the choices mentioned in the list, and select a diploma that suits you the best.

1 Engineering Diploma course
It’s first on the list because this course has a high market value. The high demand for diploma holders in engineering is because after completing the course you may easily get a job in any core industry or any related industry. The best choices for diploma engineering courses would be the core ones like electrical, civil, and mechanical engineering. Some students even opt for computer aeronautical etc.

2 Marine field related Diploma courses
Just because it’s listed second it doesn’t mean it’s short on job prospects if you compare it to the Engineering field. The marine-related field is quite vast. There are various Diploma courses in this field such as- Marine Technology Diploma, Marine Engineering Diploma, Sailor Diploma courses, etc. This job requires you to stay on a merchant navy ship for the duration of the journey that is around 6-8 months on the ship. The pay scale even for starters is pretty impressive. Also, this job is considered an adventurous one.

3 Diploma in Fire and safety technology
The biggest attraction of this course is the job prospects abroad are immense! A Lot of students have found well-paying jobs in Gulf countries after the successful completion of this course. Nowadays, Governments around the World have made safety policies mandatory as well as stricter. Factories need to mandatorily have a Safety Officer to make sure the working environment for workers is safe. This has resulted in a rise in demand for qualified safety technology professionals.

4 Diploma in Hotel Management
Some people think that this is not a very promising career option. But this is not true! Hotel Management holds a promising career in India. If you have a knack of hospitality and cooking, you can build a successful career after completing this course. It completely depends on how passionate you are!

5 Diploma in animation and multimedia
Do you have the required skills to be in this field?
If yes then this course can be of great help to you.
Thanks to the Animation professionals who have spilled the beans about their high salary and nature of work the demand for these Diploma courses have risen drastically. But to scale new height’s in this field, it’s the skills set that is of utmost importance! If you seriously want to pursue this course, then make sure that you get yourself enrolled at a good institute that is Government approved. Also, make sure you check their placement records, industry tie-ups with institutes, etc.

6 Diploma in Interior designing
There are various private institutes from where you can pursue this course. All you need to do is be creative so that you can flourish in this field! Ensure you pursue this course from a reputed and renowned institute.

7 Diploma courses related to computers and programming
This is one of the most promising fields in today’s generation. There are various Diploma courses available in this field. Some of them are related to programming and coding, while some are about networking and hardware. You can check out – ethical hacking courses and the various online courses in India.

8 Nursing related Diploma courses
Besides the regular B.Sc. and M.Sc. Nursing courses, there are various Diploma Nursing courses that you can enroll for. These courses are said to be more suitable for females. Plenty of promising opportunities to work abroad are associated with this course.

9 Air Hostess/Steward Diploma courses
The main attraction in this course is that the jobs associated with it are extremely promising. Even for starters, the pay scale is too good. There are several private institutes that offer air hostess courses. Make sure you pursue this course from a reputed and recognized institute.
10. Diploma in Business Management

This course is a basic management education program that focuses on the basics of management studies as well as organizational behavior. This Diploma program may not be as detailed as the Degree (BBA, BMS, etc.) and PG (MBA & PGDM) courses. This course is of 1-year duration. 10+2 from a recognized board is the minimum educational qualification required to pursue this course. However, some institutes are also accepting 10th passed students. The program covers the general management subject’s like- HR management, finance management, organizational behavior, economics, communication skills, marketing, and business laws.

12 Other Diploma Courses
Apart from the courses mentioned above, there are many job-oriented Diploma courses in India. Some courses are mentioned below –
Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
Diploma in Acting and Anchoring
Diploma in Visual Communication
Diploma in VJ, RJ, and Anchoring
Diploma in Photography
Diploma in Primary Education
Diploma in Elementary Education
Diploma in Yoga Education
Diploma in Fashion Technology
Diploma in Apparel Design
Diploma in Culinary Arts

Choosing the correct professional course is of utmost importance. As it’s the course, the quality and scope of it, that will decide the progress of a student’s career. If it’s a job-oriented course then the diploma courses can be very helpful.
So ensure you make a wise and informed choice. Best of luck.

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