Why student counsellors have become important in India

Student Counselling

You’ve seen them in TV shows, movies where kids are in school. They were often portrayed as the overly nice people who would invite the out-of-control students to have an awkward conversation that they dreaded. However, in reality, the role of the school counsellor is quite subtle. Students go to them voluntarily to seek advice. If at all a student has to have a mandatory meeting with the counsellor, the goal would be to improve the student’s situation for their benefit, than correcting them for the benefit of the school.
For a counsellor, there’s no higher satisfaction than improving the lives of the students academically, socially, and psychologically.

What Does a School Counsellor Do?
A school counsellor’s role may vary depending on the level of education of the student. However, it needs covers these broad categories. Counsellors are responsible for working with those students who need help managing their behaviour, keeping up academically, or planning for the future. Counsellors also need to work with administrators, teachers, and parents so that they can develop a comfortable, healthy school environment free of bullying or any illegal activities.

A School Counsellor’s Changing Role
There are various roles of the school counsellor. One of the biggest roles is accountability. School counsellors are held responsible for analyzing data on their effectiveness and adjusting their techniques to enhance their value to students. Therefore, the role of a counsellor is ever-changing and depends on various factor at work within the school.
One of the most critical recent changes in the school counsellor’s role is dealing with the new forms of bullying, that is cyber bullying. Young students today use technology for communication and socializing and while doing so they are putting themselves at risk of bullying that is difficult to deal with for both the student as well as a counsellor. A school counsellor needs to be aware of new social issues that keep arising arise between students based on the changing trends.


The biggest benefit of having a school counsellor is that they prepare students for the various academic, career and social challenges by culminating their educational agendas to their success in the future. They motivate the students and facilitate their exploration of careers. Counsellors also work on encouraging the students to talk to their parents or guardians about things that they worry about.

The kind of support that the school counsellor provides to the parents and guardians is as important as the support that they provide students. They facilitate individual, parent-teacher or parent-parent consultations and conduct various discussions to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to issues regarding the students, whether it involves disciplinary decisions, specific educational material or social provocations.

School counsellors also provide a lot of support to the teachers by completing a team which can effectively address the educational goals and needs of the students, leading to a sizeable increase in student achievements. They help in planning classroom and group activities which can meet the students’ needs. Counsellors work towards gathering and sharing resources with teachers so that they can help the staff in developing their skills in classroom management as well as teaching effectiveness.

School administrators are the ones responsible for running the school operations, right from educational materials to the everyday school activities. School counsellors play an integral part in accomplishing these responsibilities. They make sure that the school counselling program as well as the academic mission are in sync and also promote student success.

Student services personnel include nurses, psychologists, resource teachers, social workers, and other professional staff that provide special assistance to students. School counsellors need to work in collaboration with these staff members and create a positive team approach with students to make sure that each student has the means to achieve success.

A counsellor is always supposed to be there to offer advice to students at crucial turning points in their lives. Whether these counsellors work in elementary, middle, or high schools, they are meant to be there for students who go through a difficult time or just need advice and support. A few positive words from a supportive counsellor can strongly impact the student’s life and improve their outlook towards school, family, and the future. Counsellors are those real people who have a real interest in helping the students to learn and grow. They help in creating an environment for their students so that they can find their path to living a successful adult life.

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